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Writers write.  Here are some of the things I have written.

As a corporate and government communications executive, I have written nearly every form of public communication, from press statements, to product brochures, advertising copy, speeches and Congressional testimony. I have years of aviation journalism experience and I’ve also written for many boating magazines and websites.

OceanLines is a recreational boating website that I created and ran for more than a decade. I’ve written about nearly every topic on the water, from boat reviews and assessments of new marine electronics, to safety and seamanship practices.

Marine Science Today is a popular marine science news website that I founded in 2008 and which is now owned and run by my daughter Emily, who is a marine biologist and science communicator. MST translates scientific news about the oceans for a lay audience.

Currently, I write articles for aviation, airline and aerospace publications. Also, I’m finishing my first novel (a mystery/thriller set in Puget Sound), starting my second and working on a non-fiction work about a year of living on the Maine seacoast.

Contact me if there’s something you’d like me to write or help you write, or a communications and marketing plan you would like to develop or implement.