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Public and Media Relations

Would you prefer to have one person in your company whom the media could talk with, whether for specs, general product information, company background or photos and video?  Maybe you would like someone to pitch your story to the media — it could be trade, local, national or key international media.  This kind of work has been my bread and butter for more than 30 years.  I’m comfortable cold-calling press and selling a win-win story idea to them; helping my client get the publicity he needs by helping the journalist get the story he can use.

  1. Pitching press releases to the news media takes time and talent.  It’s called “earned media” for a reason and it has the highest value.  Sometimes you need to dig a little to find the right media outlets — the ones your target audience follow.
  2. Responding to the daily requests of all kinds of reporters can be a tedious distraction, but feeding them is good business sense.  When you make a reporter’s job easier, they are usually more willing to take the time to listen to your story.
  3. Pitching enterprise stories; the kind that get a reporter one-on-one with your Company can provide a huge payback in publicity, brand awareness and competitive advantage.  The challenge is to match the right story with the right journalist.


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