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Photo and Video

There are many different uses for photography and video in our multimedia age.  We’ll help you create and employ these digital arts in a way that tells your story and pulls your customers into your conversation.  We’ve done all kinds of photography, from news to corporate and product, and video from corporate and government to YouTube.

  1. Photos for your website and blog, in particular are “story-multipliers.”  In fact, a Facebook post without a picture is like not posting.
  2. You must illustrate all your storytelling nowadays — web pages, product and collateral materials and newsletters.  The contemporary “infographic” can capture visual learners, for example.
  3. If your product moves, then movies are the way to “show, not tell.”  But there is a right way and a wrong way to do video.  The “right” way involves telling a story, employing compelling images and sound, cutting it appropriately for YOUR audience, and making it only just long enough to do the job; no longer.


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