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How Can I Solve Your Creative Challenges?

My business, OceanLines LLC, is a creative arts company.  As a freelance journalist, creative writer and management consultant, I provide a wide array of creative services and assistance to companies looking for world-class communications ideas and performance.  The areas below represent my specialties.  Let’s talk about how one of them can solve a problem for you.


Do you need something written for you or your business?  Click here for some ideas.



Have you written something that needs professional polishing?  Click here for some ideas.


Online Marketing and Social Media

Need a plan, help with a plan, or somebody to just do it for you?  Click here for some ideas.


Photo and Video

Need pictures for products and storytelling?  Click here for some ideas.


Public and Media Relations

Want to figure out how to work with the news media or public audiences?  Click here for some ideas.


Crisis Planning

It happens to every company sometime.  Will you be prepared?  Click here for some ideas.


Special Events

Whether it’s a special dinner for a business partner or client, or a major event involving a head of state, I’ve been there and can help you pull off a world-class event.  Click here for some ideas.