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Author Archive: Tom Tripp

Tom Tripp is the owner of OceanLines LLC, and the publisher of OceanLines and Founder and former Editor of Marine Science Today.  He is an award-winning marine journalist, science writer and long-time public communications specialist. His PR career and much of his writing stems from the fact that he loves to explain stuff. It all began when he and his brother Mark threw all of Mom's tomatoes at the back wall of the house. . .

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A House on the Edge – Introduction to My Fo’c’sle

September 6, 2016 0 Comments
A House on the Edge – Introduction to My Fo’c’sle

As an undergraduate English major at Boston College in the late ’70s, my favorite writers were the American Transcendentalists, led by Emerson and Thoreau. I was captivated by their understanding of the human place in nature and their warning that a collective loss of that understanding would come at a cost to society. When I […]

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